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Salsomaggiore e dintorni

 Salsomaggiore Termeis located in the province of Parma at the foot of the lush hills of Parma’s Apennines, 160 metres above sea level, close to the neighbouring province of Piacenza. At just one hour from Bologna and Milan, it is in an extremely accessible location, well connected with the main road and rail routes.

Albergo a Salsomaggiore Terme

The town gets its name and fame from its salt-bromine-iodic spa waters, with their high content of mineral salts including sodium, iodine, and bromine.
The concentration of these mineral salts, among the highest in Europe, makes these waters particularly effective in quelling inflammatory processes.
They also extremely beneficial to physical efficiency, rehabilitation and the improvement of beauty ailments such as cellulite.
At the Terme Zoja spa you can enjoy traditional spa treatments, like baths in thermal water, mud baths and inhalation therapy, while the Terme Berzieri spa offers pampering in the Liberty Decò style Wellness Center, where you can indulge in specific treatments for the face and body and relax in the new thermal bathing pools ''Mari D'Oriente'', where the properties of our waters are set in a fascinating exotic ambience.

Terme Berzieri Salsomaggiore Terme

This area, also known as the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, is well-known for its outstanding artistic and cultural features of the nearby art cities and castles, but also for its celebrated delicacies of the Emilia Romagna food and wine tradition and for its musical heritage, due above all to the fame of the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi. All this is set in rolling hills, reminiscent of the Tuscan landscape.

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